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Ningbo Huanhai Electric Appliances Co., Ltd is China Steam Station Irons manufacturers and OEM Steam Station Irons factory. Our main products cover various categories of high-end steam irons, handheld garment steamers, steam stations iron,steam generator iron and steam cleaners. Our wholesale Steam Station Irons have passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001, ISO45001:2018, BSCI and other system certification. We have a good production conditions and advanced testing equipment in the industry, and has strong technology and R & D capabilities, we won the international safety certification in Europe, North America, Japan and the Middle East, which has laid a solid foundation for the global sharing of Chinese quality and the sustainable development of the enterprise. In 2020, we have obtained the high-tech enterprise certification certificate.
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Industry knowledge about Steam Station Iron

Steam station irons, also known as steam generator irons, are a type of iron that uses a separate water tank or "station" to generate steam. The steam station heats water to create steam, which is then transferred to the iron's soleplate through a hose. This design allows for a larger and more continuous supply of steam, compared to traditional irons which generate steam through a small water tank built into the iron itself. Steam station irons are ideal for large households or those who iron frequently and want to avoid the inconvenience of refilling the water tank of a traditional iron.
A steam station iron is a type of iron that features a separate water tank and heating element, rather than having the water and heating elements integrated into the iron itself. This design allows for a continuous supply of steam, which can make ironing faster and more effective.

Here are some common features of steam station irons:

Large water tank: Steam station irons often have larger water tanks than traditional irons, allowing for longer periods of use without having to refill the water.
High steam output: Steam station irons are designed to produce a high volume of steam, which can help to remove wrinkles and refresh clothes more effectively.
Vertical steam: Some steam station irons have a vertical steam feature, which allows you to use the iron to steam clothes while they are hanging up, making it easier to remove wrinkles from hanging clothes without having to lay them flat.
Auto-off: Many steam station irons come with an automatic shut-off feature, which turns the iron off if it is left in a horizontal or vertical position for too long, helping to prevent accidents and conserve energy.
Variable steam control: Some steam station irons have variable steam control, allowing you to adjust the amount of steam produced to suit the type of fabric being ironed.
Continuous steam: Because the water tank and heating element are separate, steam station irons can produce a continuous supply of steam, making ironing faster and more effective.
Lightweight design: Steam station irons are often lighter than traditional irons, making them easier to use and less fatiguing to hold.

Steps to use steam station iron:

Fill the water tank: Fill the water tank with distilled water, making sure not to overfill it. The amount of water you need will depend on the size of the tank and the duration of your ironing session.
Turn on the iron: Plug the steam station iron into an electrical outlet, and turn it on by pressing the power button. Wait for the iron to heat up.
Adjust the steam settings: If your steam station iron has adjustable steam settings, use the controls to set the amount of steam you want to use. The amount of steam you use will depend on the type of fabric you're ironing.
Start ironing: Once the iron is heated, you can start ironing your clothes. Hold the iron by the handle, and use the soleplate to glide over the fabric. If you need to use steam, press the steam button on the iron or the steamer unit.
Empty the water tank: When you're finished ironing, turn off the steam station iron and unplug it. If there is any water left in the tank, empty it out.
Store the iron: Store the steam station iron in a cool, dry place, making sure not to store it in a damp or humid area.
Remember to always use caution when using an iron, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.